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Funny dogs say grace before dinner – AFV

Funny dogs say grace before dinner AFV. Uploaded by afvofficial on Feb 25 2013. If youre like the guy in this video then you count your blessing and say grace before dinner But instead of doing it for yourself you do it for your dogs who wait patiently until they hear their favorite wordAmen Then they chow down Check out the funny home video above Watch allnew episodes of America’s Funniest Home Videos on Sunday nights at 76c on ABC For more AFV and funny clips visit us at httpwwwAFVcom Want

11 thoughts on “Funny dogs say grace before dinner – AFV

  1. Wonderful my friend. God Bless you.♥

  2. hahaha!!!

  3. Adorable (:

  4. I’m athiest, but this is still really cute.

  5. Amazing

  6. cute!

  7. funny

  8. That was so cute!

  9. There like when is he going to finish

  10. Very very good

  11. this is nothing…check this out what they do in islam…lol…

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