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Funny Football Bloopers

The bad side for footballers, this video is an ultimate football blooper which includes: Goal-Keeper errors, dives, own goals and more Song-Kevin Rudolf-Let it rock copyright 2009

25 thoughts on “Funny Football Bloopers

  1. 1:50 charlie sheen act!!!

  2. is@kingpong001 ameicon fionnmcdonld

  3. EPIC FAILS!!! 🙂

  4. 1 min 52 the funniest

  5. 3:04 skills^^

  6. @mwtrocks football is the real word for it , not stupid soccer.

  7. Gerrard and Henry didn’t dive. =

  8. 0.49 Janusz Jojko Jojko Bramke strzel

  9. henry didn’t dive

  10. @adamlfc53 FUCK GERMANY

  11. shut your gob there better than us lol

  12. very nice vid.

  13. haha they all fail

  14. 1:53

  15. 1:20

  16. 3:03 – sick goal
    3:22 – self headshot !

  17. @BlackDogCOD dude he’s damn right

  18. 3.51 hij geeft de bal gewoon weg.

  19. both of them (Gerrard and Henry) dived. hard to see Gerrard’s, but he was not tackled at all, he just knew the referee won’t see if he was or not. look at his face when he goes away, he knows he’s a bastard and can’t even look up.
    Henry’s a more obvious one, yes, the defenders leg is at his ankle, but he drops himself up, knowing that everybody will think he was stopped illegal.
    he could’ve just go forward, without stopping, at first he even got he’s leg onward and then realized he’s situation.

  20. If You Wanna Laugh Watch This


  21. 2:04 is a penalty

  22. This isn’t football it’s Soccer…Nah just kidding I know the difference.

  23. was 1:53 a celebration?!?!?!

  24. @Kain6033 henry did not dive, if you are fouled you are free to go down if you do not want to take the advantage, but you cant kick someones leg without touching the ball.

  25. this is the bad thing of the players..hahahah

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