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Funny Football Commercial

What happens to a football team on muscle relaxers

25 thoughts on “Funny Football Commercial

  1. press 6 :)) force push

  2. Haha, the pill bottle thing is so final destination haha XD

  3. Serioisly who spots things like that 😉

  4. why did the guy jump up and yell in joy at the end?

  5. Its like watching zombies play football lol

  6. @MrJdawg940 I swear that was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw that lmao.

  7. keep pressing 3 for a wonderful surprise!

  8. My bad i ment five

  9. 0:30 looks like Charle sheen and on 0:38 when hes on drugs

  10. Hey Jim Carrey plays football at 0:30

  11. 0:49 bwwaaaaaaahhaaaaaaaaaahh!!!

  12. thats gay

  13. 0:29 ITS CHARLIE SHEEN….. he would be getting high off of muscle relaxers…

  14. oh SHIT! its the 2010-2011 Arizona cardinals!

  15. @SUPERNINJASPONGEBOB wait… and 77 is on the field laughing and then spooning on the side line? i think there are a bunch on chuck norrises on the team. 😀

  16. happy guy must win a lot of money ;]

  17. Haha

  18. 0:30 Charlie sheen

  19. press 3 for some black ass

  20. fffffuuorrrdddtttyyyyy OOUURRRRR!

  21. Press 4 over and over for some humping. And doesn’t the guy at 0:30 remind you of Jim Carrey?

  22. @HolmesInFive yap, i also remembered.. 3-51, 3-51

  23. i swear i was watching pump up videos just a few seconds ago…


  25. KEEP pressing 9 and he’s saying more in a really high voice!!!!!!!

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