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Funny football foul – extreme holding – most obvious yellow card ever

Norwegian football player just can’t let go of opponents shorts.

25 thoughts on “Funny football foul – extreme holding – most obvious yellow card ever

  1. só faltou o gol pra ser um dos mais belos lances de todos os tempos….

  2. we should have more enthusiastic players like this guy.. these days they fall for nothing.

  3. porra isso é cartao vermelho

  4. tinha que lixa esse juiz pu.t@ que pariu –‘

  5. acabo meu refri vo lá buscar

  6. Quem ta falando que é cartão vermelho não entende nada de futebol. Só seria cartão vermelho se fosse uma atitude agressiva (o que com certeza não foi) ou se ele tivesse impedido uma chance clara de gol.

  7. /watch?v=X33ceyYbifc

  8. aff tem ke fazer igual ao je hong

  9. @budalpinto acho que é você quem não entende nada de futebol ‘-‘

  10. @otaviofqueiroz Não, só sou formado em Educação Física, professor e atuei como árbitro em dois jogos da série D.

  11. Hey, Spanish people. English…. It’s not that hard

  12. @okTHB says the guy who speaks one language;)

  13. @okTHB It’s Portuguese, spoken in Portugal, Brasil, Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, Sao Tome Principe. And not that difficult to learn if you make an effort 🙂

  14. What’s the name of the player?

  15. Whats the name of the player?

  16. LOL

    cant believe this red guy calls him self a football player

  17. If u did that with Roy Keane, he’d kick you in the face and then just carry on with the game xD

  18. @matooni I am from Norway. My mother tongue is Norwegian, but I hope that the whole world speaks English fluently soon. I speak three languages, y poco Español. Not very good at that though 🙂

  19. @lokumsbraet I apologise for the mix-up. Hablo poco Español, pero muy mal. If that is correct. The last six of the countries you mention may not be the biggest, most badass of countries though 🙂

  20. As a referee, I just appreciate it when the players make our job easier.

  21. he really want to have the pants… lol

  22. this isnt football

  23. advantage rule

  24. why yellow???

  25. xDD

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