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Funny Football Free Kicks, Shots, Fails, Outtakes.. Vol.6 by freekickerz

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25 thoughts on “Funny Football Free Kicks, Shots, Fails, Outtakes.. Vol.6 by freekickerz

  1. last scene <3 hahaha

  2. Lets take a moment to admire the shirt at 0:58

  3. Football no soccer !! 😀

  4. Super jajajajajajajaj

  5. не смешно кароче

  6. 0:15 i love kozis laugh xD xD xD

  7. What is the name of the song!

  8. Pissed of not pushed off

  9. Lelz

  10. I want konzis cleats

  11. klappt prima 😉

  12. 1:05 is the best in my oppinion kkkkkkkkkk danie is very funny.

  13. 2.24 the best

  14. Many!!!!

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    December 6, 2013

  16. Lol xd

  17. Dudes you are awesome!!!!!!!

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    new channel making freekick videos and some tutorials. we are not begging
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  19. 1:03 nice Danie :)


  21. 2:20
    moment of solitude

  22. your good ones are amazing, but these are the worst fails ever, that was
    amazingly funny!

  23. “Does anyone of you try to hit the goal” LMAO

  24. did konzi get the ball at the end?

  25. 2:30 different cleats

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