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Funny Football Moments and Painful Injuries

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25 thoughts on “Funny Football Moments and Painful Injuries

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  2. gay song,,,awsome videooo

  3. @seamoose100 the ball exploded

  4. 5:43 – Pure Gold.

  5. @SlyClone Sth. Circular Rd A 205

  6. @SlyClone Sth. Circular Rd A 205

  7. 0:40 dont mess with an asian thek knw kung fu 😛

  8. Is it just me or does anybody cringe when this song come on on a Youtube video?

  9. 1:00 HOLY CRAP!!

  10. hahahah loool 2:34 thats just sick , hahah 😀

  11. haha!!! LOL 3:53

  12. haha!!! LOL 3:53 and 5:51

  13. lOOOOOOOOOOOOLL awsomee….

  14. 3:20 cubasa ozora 😀

  15. 4:05 just give up football… LOL!

  16. Thumbs up if you muted the song

  17. was he gay or wat 1:38

  18. Press 9 and if you lol’ed THUMBS UP so everybody can “lol”. Cheers 🙂

  19. not socer football

  20. 2….2…..2…..2….2….2….2….2….2

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  22. At 1:40 not an injury, just gay

  23. @ 0:33 …..HAHA i just love people falling

  24. did anyone like the part when they all fell?

  25. nothing like a good fight lol

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