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Funny football own goals

own goals in football and some are amazing

25 thoughts on “Funny football own goals

  1. what is this song

  2. nice vid, but probably the worst and most annoying song i have ever heard

  3. some of them look like they WANT to make an own gol. funny vid.

  4. Funny thing is, that these own goals are actually really good! They strike it with pure quality 😛

  5. 3:22 amazing goal but wrong end XD
    great skill

  6. some attackers wish they could do as good shots as these defenders

  7. These are some of the most well placed strikes I’ve ever seen

  8. Please , what’s the name of the song on this video … 😕

  9. 3:35 is the best own goal ever!!! hahaha

  10. 4:53 is an absolute screamer that most strikers couldn’t even pull off

  11. Why aren’t they celebrating their goals…?

  12. 3:35, would have been nice up the other end…

  13. @joony118 3:32 should hve been a contender for goal of the month!

  14. tbh some of these goals are awesome

  15. lolololololololololo

  16. little kid at 4:15 lmao

  17. there are some own goals that the goalkepper is the guilty

  18. WHAT A GOAL 1:16

  19. @23Moataz Go Shoppin’ by Bran Van 3000.

  20. @TheRenniemeister Thanx … 🙂

  21. @23Moataz No problem. I used Tunatic to find out what it’s called and who it’s by 🙂

  22. @TheRenniemeister It’s the first time to hear about this software , I searched it and it seems cool … 🙂

  23. @23Moataz I only came across it recently. It is pretty cool. It will come in really handy for instrumental songs and for songs where some of the lyrics aren’t clear. It hasn’t been able to identify everything for me so far but on the whole it’s been pretty good and I’m sure the database is being added to all the time.

  24. very important interception at 2:01

  25. some of these goals would be insane… the other end of the pitch!

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