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Funny Goalkeeper Mistakes and Fail 2014 – New Update

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25 thoughts on “Funny Goalkeeper Mistakes and Fail 2014 – New Update

  1. LoL

  2. Why do people criticise keepers without keepers the game would be shit

  3. song please

  4. lol


  6. Japanese goal keepers are really bad……
    I hope good one will appear soon!!


  8. 3:39

  9. Goal keeping is very and these professionals don’t need to be criticized by
    a idiot with no subs and thinks stopping a ball going 60 to 100 miles per
    hour is easy.


  10. What the title of this song

  11. Am I the only one who was at rfk when ter Stegen gifted the goal to the

  12. 3:33 He just went full retard.

  13. Is the second and the last one from the same game?

  14. 3:51 next time press X, not O!!

  15. Ter Stegen has come a long way. He is an excellent goal keeper for barca

  16. how do you call the music?

  17. Funny how they are all Asian. No racism btw

  18. What about the Spanish goalkeepers mistake?? Robin van oersie

  19. Funny Goalkeeper Mistakes and Fail 2014 – New Update:

  20. What is the title of the soundtrack?

  21. I am a goalkeeper…. I been through high and low…. Be a goalkeeper is
    never easy… Being a goalkeeper is the hardest position ever…. There no
    hiding place but this shows that we are capable of rising our mistakes to
    take a better place…. JUST DONT GIVE UP!

  22. Goalkeeper save 10 goals, take 1 he’s shit. Attacker miss 10 goals, score 1
    he’s the boss. Logic?

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