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*Funny* Kids Should Mature Before Playing Black Ops Zombies!! :)

Do you want me to keep making more videos with Black Ops Zombies!? Everyone Seems to Like These Videos! 🙂 Please Tell Me by Commenting!!! :D:D:D This is MY …

25 thoughts on “*Funny* Kids Should Mature Before Playing Black Ops Zombies!! :)

  1. He’s so annoying

  2. Funny as hell

  3. Ok auto corrections. Flick is fck pond is pwnd and u know

  4. I don’t care about ratings I play on black ops 1, 2 and Modern Warfare 3
    and I am 12 cuz I just don’t care 😀

  5. I highly doubt that he is 4 years old. Yes, He is being a bit rude and
    really loud and annoying but its a game for everyone, if their parents
    allow them to play it. I have a 7 year old who is probably better than most
    at cod. But his parents should monitor him more closely and teach him how
    to socialize properly on live.

  6. 1:20 “Thank you, Disembodied girl voice.” Said at the best time possible.

  7. With that voice, he could indeed be the best troll in history if he puts
    his mind to it

  8. what is wrong with this gay boy or annoying little girl!!?!?!?!?

  9. Well I’m a kid but I’m not annoying like that kid

  10. 3:41 rewind to 3:53

  11. if thats a boy damn he must’ve screwed his vocal cords

  12. Plan zombies

  13. Kids shouldn’t be playing CoD at all

  14. Duuuude. Someone plz kill dat annoying little squeaky ass kid

  15. Man i felt that i wanted to throw up

  16. dude im a girl and i dont scream like dat woww

  17. this kid is more annoying than those people who breathe in your ear when
    theyre behind you

  18. I am like 10 about to turn 11. I am a girl. And I certainly get told like I
    sound 15 years old. I am known as “The Girl Who Goes Beast”. I do not
    scream and annoy ppl. All facts. Not lies.

  19. good thing I didn’t take a big interest in COD until I was 13.

  20. Kill it … Just kill it

  21. And the girl or whatever calls herself the best person. WTF?

  22. My ears are going to stop working if I have to listen to this one more time

  23. tell ur brother to shut the fuck up

  24. Stupid ass little kid

  25. 1:20 His voice is so high-pitched and loud that even Nikolai had something
    to say about it.

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