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Funny kids video compilation

This is a funny videoclip compilation, babys doing funny stuff.

25 thoughts on “Funny kids video compilation

  1. hate at 0:31

  2. Dude that kid ate a fly! LOL when my sister was little she would go to ant hills and eat them, and lick the bottom of poeples shoes.

  3. Effen funny

  4. that is soooooo funny

  5. that is sooooo funny

  6. hëy_ÄNýôñe_wäNÑÁ_chät_wÏth_mÈ_í_feËl_s0_loÑëlÿ_tõDãy╝

  7. Charlie brown baby!!!!


  9. Ohhh…my food is flying..stop so i cant eat you…lol

  10. the part with the kid was funny

  11. gross, fly baby…lol

  12. the last part a very courageous one!whew!

  13. Love the Charlie Brown bit!

  14. No way out man Asian women ********

  15. ))

  16. no matter how many times you watch the first kid you alway laugh

  17. thumbs up if u hate people who ask for thumbs up

  18. @TheHarshit01

  19. @iHammi I dont ased your mothers name

  20. @TheHarshit01

    But you didn’t get any thumbs up for 4 days, already. -w-

  21. @iHammi Ok Sorry for that but i was not doing it for thumbs up but i was doing this because i hate mother fucking piece of shit people who ask for thumbs up

  22. @TheHarshit01

    Hmm….Don’t worry ’bout those weird people askin’ for thumbs up. Gettin’ thumbs up is really nothin’. Like is it for points or what? No wai. xD So ignore those thumbers up. :3

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  25. this is funny

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