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FUNNY KIDS*Chatroulette Extra Footage


23 thoughts on “FUNNY KIDS*Chatroulette Extra Footage

  1. Aww that kid was cute LOL poor ginger.

  2. Hope my kid grows up to be like the one on the left haha

  3. L000000000000L u look like that guy from jersey shore

  4. @m0kule
    take a chill pill man… u can skip them if u want

  5. their voice did hurt my ears… fuck

  6. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH ‘She was like ah ah ah!’ 1:47

  7. I hate the voice dude, thats some crappy singing show we got here in the Netherlands and everybody is hiped up about it even though all candidates are faillures

  8. Kyle have you got twitter?

  9. @RSGTReFleXz He’s still making money even if he gets views. I didn’t expect people to use it anyways, I love Kyle got nothing against him just Youtube commercials get anoyying as it is.

  10. kids having fun priceless brings back memories

  11. Well then fuck off! hahahahaha LMFAO

  12. these kids are hilarious haha

  13. @RSGTReFleXz what he was talking about was the add at the start of the video if you skip that it does not matter when the video starts

  14. Underage lol their moms should watch this

  15. Kinda looks like the kid that robbed whiteboy O_o

  16. lmfao, that last bit ” WELL THEN, FUCK OFF”

  17. haha keep pressing 7

  18. he looks like josh koscheck


  20. @n3xezz … I dont think you have seen Kos.

  21. you look more like Dj, pauly D 🙂

  22. 00:22 to skip add 🙂

  23. vinny is legitimately bangable.. hahahaha i fucking lost it there your like what? no don’t say that im gonna get in trouble haahah ah god damn i watched this twice.. fuck man fuck

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