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Funny Prank in Japan

I like it

25 thoughts on “Funny Prank in Japan

  1. LMAO ! as well – flash mob strikes !

  2. Mwuahahahahahha!!!

  3. lol thats brilliant best prank ive ever seen

  4. The last Prank that person Thought we Were dropping an~~ A-BomB ~~LmFaO~~

  5. BAHAHA!!! is just too damn funny, the japs really do the most outrageous thing!

  6. This is why japan is always fun.

  7. なんぞこれww

  8. The last one was really good. LOL.

  9. looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

    ……..Gotta Love The Japanese

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  11. 卍。我弔電心必幽

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  13. I wanna do that! TT_TT Looks so fun… the Japanese do all the good stuff.

  14. That old guy at the beginning is my hero.

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  16. Really enjoyed you video informative. When you have time come visit my channel!

  17. what if one of em had a gun ?!

  18. @fuckmania07 really man, thats pathetic

  19. the 3rd and last ones are the best! OMG I have to do this one day!

  20. Lol this prank is pretty hilarious, too!


  21. type in ‘Sam’s awesome card tricks #2’ to youtube.
    Honestly, it is the craziest thing I have ever seen

  22. Atomic Bomb not again

  23. 1:15 what the hell did i just get laid?

  24. @Lexygoy dude… it’s japan, they have katanas!

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