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Funny – Prank Scaring Drunk Girls Season 2

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24 thoughts on “Funny – Prank Scaring Drunk Girls Season 2

  1. I didn’t include evry fucking state that had one. But there are states that dont have one. Such as Montana, where I live.

  2. What a disgusting name to have.

  3. How?

  4. Not only does it include a ignorant curse word but it involves grotesque acts between the innocent.
    It doesnt offend me but i feel sorry for kids and young girls that have to grow up reading/seeing things like that.

  5. la cara del nene en el minuto 1:38

  6. 0:18 “I HATE EVERYTHING!” laughed so hard

  7. Well it is true kind of. Maybe I should have put popes instead of God…

  8. What do you mean? your 1st sentence made no sense. What is true kinda?
    why use pope?
    Did you even understand my comment or undestand the gravity and effect your ignorant name creates? How old r u? You must still be a boy..

  9. Well you must have heard of the pope sex scandal? Didn’t your parent’s tell you? And my name is not ignorant. I do not mean literally. I mean that God fucks them over into not thinking for themselves, and living a life of fear and enslavement to a non existent slave holder.

  10. Whatever. Just said that kids have to grow up being exposed to that kinda thing is all im saying.
    No i havent heard of the pope sex scandal but i dont see what that has anything to do with this anyway.
    Have you heard of the caucasian race having incest genes scandal?

  11. Well basically some of the popes were caught having sex with children, and everybody covered it up.

  12. Theres only 1 pope.

  13. well all the other preists in that plaace like some bishop, idk I don’t follow religion

  14. …totally proved me wrong you definitely justified having a name like that…
    : l

  15. i need a snowman suit, i would be getting more drunk chicks than i could handle

  16. best 2 minutes and 37 seconds of my life

  17. wtf well it was osome was it a suit wear did you buy it.


  19. 0:03 epic old man

  20. 0:16 “I HATE EVERYTHING!”

  21. Always gotta hve those collections of Twats and Douche Bags that think it’s funny to break shit.

  22. “dont bro me, if you dont know me”. is what her t-shirt said

  23. Best… Snowman Hat… EVER!!!

  24. the woman at 2:06 shows, you can be scared, but still be…

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