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Funny Pranks : We’re Still Alive!

Don’t worry, we haven’t stopped making funny prank videos. The prank war will continue but in a different capacity. We no longer live together, but fortunate…

25 thoughts on “Funny Pranks : We’re Still Alive!

  1. Only a wierdo would buy a house 10 meters from 6000 potential walkers. 

  2. You are married to a boy gaaayyyyyyyy

  3. R.I.P Bailey

  4. When will there be a new video? There haven’t been any in year 2014

  5. You guys live in ny!

  6. Use this for a cuture prank=glue a dollar to string then glue the string to
    the sphero and make people go after it xD

  7. public prank bottled on my channel

  8. Why have you stopped vids

  9. They are dead

  10. Wow i thing u guys had regreted ur youtube account so now im gonna say bye
    to u cause im gonna unsubscribe to ur channel cause theres no new vid

  11. Holy crap he got married? :o

  12. I think you guys are dead

  13. Are they gay?

  14. Wait so this the last video im gonna ever see of you guys. It has been like
    7 months…..

  15. Ignore the haters man. I know this channel probably won’t have any more
    uploads because you’re both living life and stuff. You will be remembered
    as great prankers ;)!

  16. RIP Bailey

  17. Have u and drews wife do an air horn prank where you scare him then his
    wife gets him after 

  18. I will unsub now ur not alive anymore

  19. Nice house, I wonder how much money get gets each year

  20. Lol this is so funny we should try this in Australia !

  21. Let me guess he got married , bought a house, n living life.. while your
    still doing pranks lol …what a loser

  22. so i guess this is the end of this channel. 

  23. Atleast the neighbors r quiet

  24. Nice house :D

  25. they got divorced, drew cheated on matt with a female

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