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funny scary pranks part 1

funny scary pranks

23 thoughts on “funny scary pranks part 1

  1. Black men are scarier at night..

  2. 0:13 was some cold sh!t !!! lol

  3. hahaa

  4. 0:19 I’m redy to pee

  5. 0:30 = BANANA? NOM NOM NOM!

  6. yea really holy shit

  7. nigga punch 😛

  8. stfu u don’t sit back and analyze what you perceive as an immediate threat, you react. It’s called the fight or flight reflex. you can either defend yourself which he chose to do or you can flee. And he was remorseful after he realized what he did


  10. /watch?v=3qFkeLHIVno The Funniest Video EVEEEER !!!!!!!!!

  11. Fuck you bitch! BANANA!

  12. Bitch got hit in the eye

  13. banana to the face

  14. that why u shouln’t scare a nigga

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  16. test

  17. dont screy a black man u will get punch

  18. Now i know to not scare a black prson

  19. 1 day ago

    my name is Kiki, and i was raped before i died. I use to enjoy pain and now i inflict it upon people. I was tortured and raped until i could no longer breathe. Those meanies now suffer and die, and those who do not repost this to 5 videos will die too. i hate this 2 but i believe the strike of 12AM, those who did not repost this will die a horrible death after seeing a bloody face covered with long black hair. Those who repost this will get a kiss from their crush

  20. Course the last guy is black lol. Love the reflexes though

  21. hahha i never get bored of watching the guy faking he got shock hahah

  22. amazing end hhh

  23. dat ending 😀

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