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Funny Singing dog This is the dog of my sister who is very happy to sing when she plays the harmonica. The dog is a Afghan Hound and is two years old. Enjoy!

25 thoughts on “Funny Singing dog

  1. Beautiful dog,I want a dog like this! SOO beautiful!! Haters need to get a heart and a life!!! Can’t Y’all see ….this dog is just WOW!! Great!!! I love this dog!! Thank you to the likers!!

  2. You’re a buzz kill…

  3. Dog doens’t show teeth or growls, so apparently they’re not annoyed. They’re acting on instinct. Is that bad? For the neighboors maybe, not for the dog. People should stop bitching about hurting the dog’s ears, it’s not.

  4. My boxer actually fetches the harmonica when he wants to sing if it hurt theyd run away

  5. Well these tones hurting my ears what the human is playing…it’s a painfull sound for me…

  6. no it doesn’t show pleasure… if a dog comes so it shows stop this! And the meaning of tail flipping shows not pleasure by afghans cause as u can read in every book about afghans that they do behave more like a Cat in the body of a Dog. So if a Cat is tail flipping it means the first step to get annoyed and aggressive…This hight frequencies are hurtfull for everybody who has sensible ears and hearing for humans and animals.

  7. What the fuck am I doing with my life.

  8. The greek singer “Paola” is sister of this dog…

  9. ugly dog

  10. The dog reminds me of the good puppets from Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal movie.

  11. Lolz everyone think different about the dog. It’s just a dog not a human, they dont have souls so let ppl say what they wanna say about the animal. And yes that also means to ignore my comment.

  12. still a better singer than justin beiber

  13. thats my exactly thought

  14. funny dog thinks he’s a wolf

  15. watching dogs sing

  16. Haha, so cool!!
    Check this video if singing dogs lol

  17. Fyi dog is howling because its hurting its ears.

  18. That is actually a misnomer. Dogs have inherited the ability to vocalize with pitches akin to howls. Their wolf ancestors followed this vocalizing which was done by the alpha leader. The alpha wolf would howl to communicate and gather the pack. They would then respond with their own howl. The dog isn’t in pain, if it didn’t like the sound, it would of ran off, or possibly bared its teeth in a threatening manner.

  19. OMG, prettiest dog ever ! ♥_♥

  20. Nice to see Celine Dion singing to her family.

  21. The most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen!!! I wish this was my dog.

  22. Lkhgkzh

  23. Hey bitch your hurting his ears!! Dogs ears are pretty sensible!! 🙁 STOP IT!

  24. They’re actually singing.

    Stick to what you know: double bacon cheeseburgers, apparently.

  25. my puppy does that

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