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Funny song Very NICE MUST WATCH!!!

Funny song by the guy. haha!! Must Watch!!!

25 thoughts on “Funny song Very NICE MUST WATCH!!!

  1. The Remeber Song
    Tom Rush

  2. Haha! XD Love the end!

  3. I like this song…is so very funny 🙂 i can listen to it alot and everytime i laugh

  4. reminds me of myself hahaa. i lose stuff sooo often it’s not even funny. and it’s always important stuff like my license, keys, stuff like that >.>

  5. Is that T. J. Cloutier on 0:45? =P

  6. LOLOLOL! 

  7. this is me was i supose to put a window in some where

  8. this iss f-c-i-g awsome man !! love that guy so funyy :O thaha

  9. ….uuuuuhh…. forgot what I was gonna say….

  10. this is tom rush, he is a great musician people should check him out

  11. hilarious!

  12. awehillcoogrefuck

  13. that’s what I’m talking about , great song ! 😀

  14. funny song – Cover of 17


  16. i like the bit when he said i dont know who im meeting

  17. wtf is this

  18. Very good indeed!

  19. WACK.

  20. lawl

  21. This is so funny. Who is the guy and what is the name of the song please? Does anybody know?

  22. like it, funny funny, cheers The Makem Folk Singer

  23. Very funny. Loved it. Described me perfectly.

  24. grand papi that yuck

  25. I’ve seen him on tv before… long ago. Hilarious song. Love it.

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