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Funny, Stupid, and Banned Commercials part 1

Hilarious commercials! Some are foreign, some are banned, all are extremely funny. Stay tuned for part 2, which is even more outrageous. Ikea Dentyne Ice Pepsi killing hamster man breast feeding Santa Budweiser budlight…among many other things!

25 thoughts on “Funny, Stupid, and Banned Commercials part 1

  1. Ok I thought the condom one was pretty sickening especially as everyone cheered but other then that lol!

  2. i love how most of these are about beer

  3. @goatsheadsoupnsalt I agree though the breast feeding daddy was fucking hilarious!

  4. @The13thCompany Dude, I seriously hope you’re kidding! o.O lol!

  5. The condom one was surprising. I was not expecting that.

  6. Funny!!!!!

  7. LOL good compilation! HEHEHEHE!

  8. Funny, like the umbrella one

  9. 01:40 it’s adverts like those that shouldn’t be banned

  10. smoking kills 🙁

  11. the IKEA commercail came out unxpected

  12. 08:07 to skip ads

  13. i love the stuffed animals lmao

  14. He killed the hamster now I wanna punch him but minus that loved it

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  16. At 0:48 the huntsville rapist comes out.

  17. @jerhinus Yeah, I love the taxi driver xp

  18. Esto es todo lo que puedo decir en español

    TRANSLATION: This is all I can say in spanish

  19. Not having to go to 20 diferent videos was nice

  20. wtf man… Whoever created these commercials are obviously stupid…

  21. where do ppl get banned commercails??

  22. the condom commercial is so weird and racist in so many ways

  23. @turbotv111 how is it racist at all?

  24. Auumm….

  25. 7:53 LOL i did it with my dad when i was a baby haha

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