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Funny video: Dog prays before eating dinner

This cute little puppy is praying before he gets his dinner served. No copyright intended.

25 thoughts on “Funny video: Dog prays before eating dinner

  1. amazing

  2. @joykh5 She is filipino. Accent wise and plus the praying helps reinforce that. Lot of them are very religious like that.

  3. @mclarenf1lm10 I see

  4. Epic cute!

  5. :’D so sweet!

  6. :S She is teaching her poor animal some serious BULLSHIT

  7. I think you mean “No copyright *infringement* intended”. 🙂

  8. Tigas!

  9. aww that is gorgeous! Great vid!

  10. Now that is sweet! Lol!

  11. @altheathepirate could u be any more usless in this comment box than u are right now because nobody cares what ur religious views r

  12. pray honey b4 meal…lol

  13. This is the cutest thing ever!!!! Oh, how adorable!!! <3

  14. SOOO CUTE!!!!!

  15. @swishBEATZyo so?

  16. @altheathepirate you mean some serious MANNERS that you don’t have at all

  17. religious freaks, inflicting your sickness on your dog… fuck you

  18. @anita93mv Manners? Dogs don’t need manners, they’re dogs. What she’s doing is pretty ridiculous.

  19. That’s my cousins’ dog! So cute!

  20. @altheathepirate who the heck said dogs don’t nned manners? Wat ure doing right now is ridiculous. Specially starting with ure name. U say praying is ridiculous wen u have the most ridiculous name ever…altheathepirate lol wtf is dat? And if dogs are dogs u would just be an ape with no manners since I’m telling u all this I would be a superior SMARTER ape than u so u might wanna PRAY I don’t reply 2 ure ridiculous comments ape pirate

  21. @bulldog200 ure calling us a freak? Look at u! Inflicting ure stupidness on the internet lol atheist freak! FUCK U! HAHAHA

  22. @MrYfz450Sir Insulting my account name? This isn’t even my account, let alone can you talk crap about it MrYfz450Sir (Lol, pot calling the kettle black) Seriously, read a book when you get the chance. One that isn’t “The bible”

  23. @altheathepirate ure so stupid u don’t know if I’m insulting ure pathetic name?Making excuses dat it ain’t ures?My name is from a 4wheeler(no I don’t worship it as u will probably try and say dat) and at least it isn’t as sum pirate shit that never even existed?Y talk about the bible wen I’ve never read it and wen ure obviously reading a book on comebacks and science.The next thing I expect from u pirate is telling me to learn how to write or spell(weird coming from pirate)

  24. @altheathepirate aren’t u teaching the internet ppl some serious BULLSHIT right now? Lmao wat a dumbfuck dipshit u are. Y read a book wen I get the chance not involving the bible? Shouldn’t u read a book from dogs on how they can also use manners even though they are dogs? Seriously your own stupid comments are coming right back at u. U ignorant hypocrite wen will u learn? I guess u gotta read books 2 learn :P. Would I suggest “the bible”

  25. This is good :D, slapping those HUMAN beings who cant even take time to thank God before eating 🙂

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