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Funny Video: Talking Toilet for Kids? Win or Fail? iPhone Cam Upload by Mike Mozart

Talking Toilet: Funny lol Video by Mike Mozart the Fail Toys Reviewer of theToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube This Funny Review Video was Sent from Mike Mozart’s Cell Phone as a Mobile Upload, his Apple iPhone 3GS

25 thoughts on “Funny Video: Talking Toilet for Kids? Win or Fail? iPhone Cam Upload by Mike Mozart

  1. did you say crap! were?

  2. it says: HEY, is that justin beiber.

  3. “Come on, you always knew I was FULL OF IT!!”

  4. u poo in my mouth u pee in my mouth YUM YUM

  5. thanks for the chocalate

  6. my sister had one i used to pee in it for fun xD

  7. You got taco bell again didnt you?

  8. yum shit!!!!

  9. what happens if a tonge pops up out of the toilet uhhhhh

  10. Today your shit weighs: 802 kg

  11. You have to review this!

  12. im not taking your shit anymore

  13. Your business is appreciated.

  14. fpghrpffgr OMG! what have you been eating!

  15. thanks for peeing in me
    thanks for the present eww it stinks
    no thanks take it back

  16. hope it says “Who do you think I am Bear Grylls”

  17. Oh nice piece of crap!
    I think I’ll eat it now!!

  18. PUSH!

  19. poop poop poop poop poop poop

  20. ITS LIKE


  21. @4glados Best response EVAR!

  22. “Oh yeah baby give it to me mmmmmmmmmm that’s so good I love it when you fill me up so completely….”

  23. my babie sis has that toilet

  24. my brother has that so i know! it plays music and says, “i used the potty, the potty, the potty, i used the potty! i should get a hooray!” o lord .

  25. eeeewwwww dont make me eat your crap!!!!!!!!

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