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Funny Videos – Funny prank – Reaction, Girl Getting Pranked With A Scratch Ticket

Google+ FaceBook My daughter told me her friend loves scratching lottery tickets and suggested that I prank Sammiee with a fake scratch ticket. Lover her reaction to me when I tell her she got ripped. Some people may not react nicely when they are pranked like this. Imagine thinking you just won 10000 bucks. You all ready have it spent in your head, and four simple words “you just got ripped” can simply crush your dreams. Google+ Follow me on twitter @ripfilms @thescarysnowman @scenicvideos Funny Reaction, Girl Getting Pranked With A Scratch Ticket

24 thoughts on “Funny Videos – Funny prank – Reaction, Girl Getting Pranked With A Scratch Ticket

  1. please dont swear in front of the kid

  2. thanks sean , lmfao .

  3. uhh , no .

  4. uhm , how am i dumb ? lol . because i got pranked ?

  5. obviously i wasn`t a babysitter if there was 2 more people there , just saying .

  6. it`s an epic win actually .

  7. lmfao .

  8. we aren`t married , you obviously didn`t read the description . i`m his daughters friend .

  9. ok , lets just get this straight , I`M NOT HIS WIFE , I`M NOT HIS GIRLFRIEND , WE DO NOT SLEEP TOGETHER . he is my friends dad . & oh my god i said FUCK !!!!! i`m pretty sure everyone else would react similar to that . ALSO , that baby is VERY smart & he knows a lot better . he won`t say it & if he does you tell him not to , simple as that . keep talking shit , i honestly don`t care , but when you call me stupid or uneducated because i swore in front of a baby ? you`re obviously a fucking idiot

  10. dude who cares its only a word

  11. I like that.

  12. Stupid

  13. lol

  14. wher can i get one of tho

  15. that fucking toddler is going to have a fucking mouth on him by kindergarten I swear to fucking god!

  16. kl kl

  17. this fucking lady is bullshittttt

  18. F***, by definition, has an offensive meaning so what are you talking about?

  19. Well some people do care. What does it matter to you?

  20. I laughed more w/ your comment than with the video

  21. *stalker mode activate*

  22. 1:11 It is just a pitty to watch that child listen to all those “f@ck, f@cking etc…”

  23. Not funny

  24. Check out my awkward video on my channel also! ;p

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