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funny/confusing japanese commercial

this is a very confusing commercial if you have any idea or theory of whats going on plz write in the comments.

25 thoughts on “funny/confusing japanese commercial

  1. ah that dog is fucked up and @13gacyfilms it must be michal jackson

  2. i want a dog like that

  3. the end of the second one looks like the dogs rappin em, which makes sence
    cuz the first one it looks like the kid broke his heart then the dog did a
    pedophile dance n the kid fell in love n the dogs like “WTF?!” so he thinks
    the chips are some kind of drug n tries to overdose n starts trippin major

  4. a ƃuısnɟuoɔ comment ɹoɟ a ƃuısnɟuoɔ commercial

  5. @lauriesworldrox I think its like america’s pork rinds, but for japan?

  6. Pedo-Dog?

  7. (song lyrics in english) Do you want Do you want Do you want chip I am a
    dog and this is the princess Come over here and talk to the princess Do you
    want Do you want Do you want chip (music for a few seconds) Do you want Do
    you want Do you want chip Dog is so happy When he has chip!!!

  8. The boy says bad language in the first one!!! XD when I first saw it I was
    like what da?!?!!!?!?!?!?!!!!!

  9. Why i love #japan

    #awesome #advert #commercial 

  10. The dog was trying to cheer up the kid but nothing worked,so he bought him
    chips and that made him happy.

  11. It’s for chips!

  12. Me too

  13. Lolololoolololololololol

  14. It makes sense


  16. Did anyone hear derp before the first one

  17. It’s a crisp advert…simple…

  18. this is the stuff nightmares are made of

  19. I actually laughed til’ I cried. I’m still laughing and it’s starting to
    hurt ;_____;

  20. 0:25 I realized the end of the universe is now!

  21. Chips

  22. Thumbs up if you got yourself shitfaced just to see if you would understand
    it. xD

  23. Wtf did I just look at

  24. The first version means that the little boy was broken hearted about a girl
    then the dog holds up an ear which means tell me what happened then when
    the dogs head turns into a dolls head that means hes talking about the girl
    and the dog said to do these awsome tricks to win her

  25. That poor child must be traumatized by this giant strange dog who walks on
    his back legs

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