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Georges St-Pierre – Funny NEXUS 7 Commercial 1080P HD

Georges St-Pierre, a French Canadian, was born on May 19, 1981 in Saint-Isidore, Quebec, to Roland and Pauline St-Pierre.[13] St-Pierre had a difficult child…

25 thoughts on “Georges St-Pierre – Funny NEXUS 7 Commercial 1080P HD

  1. stop duck anderson bitch

  2. You’re so funny and original! 😀


  4. Indeed, another reason to subscribe to my channel!

  5. St-Pierre is the man!

  6. What are you doing here Mr James Bond, you sneaky mother fucker!! LMFAO

  7. We meet again mr bond

  8. guess google needs to sell tablets to dumb mma fans now

  9. Ninjas… sent by Apple.

  10. Nexus 7, perfect upgrade for everything! Even fighting ninjas! 😀 😀 Great clip man 😉

  11. I literally bought a Nexus 7 32GB after my brother showed me this video this morning.

    Coincidence though, Newegg finally got some in stock.

  12. hahaha

  13. wtf? lol awesome!! georges is the best

  14. Lol wtf George? You know I <3 you man but PLEASE just do something in the sport when you retire & don't become an actor because fighting is your forte, not acting lol but awesome vid.

  15. …whatevski


  17. What about it?

  18. i wish gsp could do that in the cage

  19. Hey guys check out the new video about St-Pierre

  20. hey guys check out my UFC 158 preview on my channel 2nd video on the main page

  21. I thought GSP was gonna go for the takedown!! Lol…

  22. Lol…

  23. Loool

  24. 12 nick diaz fans

  25. Lol, that was epic awesome! Sweet move off of the couch! And love that they put his superman punch in right at the very end!

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