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[HD M/V] ZIA – 웃음만.. (Just Laugh)

ZIA Come back!! 1 웃음만.. 2 시간아 부탁할게(Feat.SEE-YA연지) 3 불감 4 믿고 싶어 5 잘 가..지 마 6 사랑을 가르쳐 주세요(Feat.K-WILL) 7 웃음만…(Inst.)

7 thoughts on “[HD M/V] ZIA – 웃음만.. (Just Laugh)

  1. Love this song

  2. awesome and thrilling at the same time but I don’t get the story line. Please tell me what is going on 🙂

  3. nice song but what is the story about..?

  4. the story is about a father trying to find his kid, he finally found her but she was raped and killed, so the father washed away the blood and let her wear a dress, then like in the story book, he placed the body in the suitcase and washed it out to sea

  5. ahh thanks for telling the story 😀

  6. 回歸新作嗎 ? 真是好聽的聲音 ~*

  7. I literally wept when I first heard this song, it’s so sad yet it’s message is powerful.

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