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Hilarious,Best of Just For Laughs – Epic,Big Compilation 58 Prank HD (21 min.)

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23 thoughts on “Hilarious,Best of Just For Laughs – Epic,Big Compilation 58 Prank HD (21 min.)

  1. :)

  2. Wow

  3. What country is this?

  4. Canada I think

  5. Yall notice the DALEK picture in the first vid?

  6. s 4 s or like my stuff I will do the same!

  7. lol 🙂

  8. i like it weeeee.

  9. super risate a non finire ahahahahah……….!!!

  10. Britain.

  11. 15:25 haha child prodigy

  12. “Just for Laughs” is the best hidden Camera in the world in my opinion. I watched almost all hidden cameras in many different countries like Germany, USA, Brazil, England even Egypt, nothing comes close to “Just for Laughs”. They don’t hurt people’s feelings or scare them like crazy, they are very kind and have very original ideas.

  13. Don´t worry, Michael Phelps goes to the rescue¡¡¡ 10:12

  14. what kinda creatures at 10.51

  15. happy teeth

  16. Thank You!

  17. The reaction with a blind man was perfect , I love a humanity

  18. 10:11 brasil

  19. delicious

  20. lol

  21. 13:30 OMG

  22. The last one was good too!

  23. I likes it….. oh my goodness

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