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2 year old Sophia is wondering where her dad hid the lollipops. They used to be on top of the fridge (where she points in the video) but she can’t see them up there anymore. So I said, let’s call daddy at work and ask him where he hid them 🙂 Thanks to ODDEE BLOG for adding this video as one of the 10 Most Hilarious Babies on Youtube 🙂 Music from iLife 06 for iMovie, the song is called “Stepping Out.” PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR PLAYLISTS BELOW!! All OUR Videos From MOST to Least Viewed: Amazing ART Videos: Sophia and Bella as BABIES Videos: MOVIES by Sophia and Bella: Funny SINGING Videos: Inspirational Videos by Sophia and Bella: Meeting Celebrities: Sophia’s VIOLIN Videos: ————————————————————- © by Mugglesam. All rights reserved. Any unauthorised broadcasting, public performance, copying or re-recording will constitute an infringement of copyright.

25 thoughts on “I WANT A LOLLIPOP PUPPY NOW!

  1. I’d give her the lollipop c:

  2. the music makes it seem like a scene in a movie….

  3. No. NOW! …
    yeahh! like A BOSS

  4. ☻/
    This is bob. Copy and paste him everywhere. He will soon rule the world!!

  5. Wow she’s cute man when she grows up she will be soo cute hahaha (i’m not a pedophile)

  6. watch 0:25

  7. ‘now ca i have a lollipop’ awwwww sooo cute

  8. Shes gonna be an amazing buisnees woman…

  9. “Bye,get me a lollipop” so cute x3

  10. CUTE

  11. SHE IS SO CUTE!!!

  12. 0:40 <3



  15. Cute as hell !!

  16. ………No now .__. T.T
    XD so cute!

  17. Awwww I wanna lollipop !

  18. Puppy as in the animal or puppy as in pappy (dad)?

  19. who would dislike this 🙁

  20. @allisonbrox101 i think dad (:

  21. @Jazzy129009999 people who got their kids taken away. And I mean with good reason 🙂

  22. i love her! <3

  23. I know same here !

  24. papi not puppy

  25. I love the way she says Jar!

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