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I’m Just a Cat and I’m Doing Cat Stuff (Music Video)

Basically, Mylo the Cat is just a cat, and he’s doing cat stuff… What! Download this song for FREE at –

25 thoughts on “I’m Just a Cat and I’m Doing Cat Stuff (Music Video)

  1. Everytime I am watching this i can’t help but smile like a total psycho. lol

  2. @dentedfilms Becasue dogs wish they were cats, doing cat stuff.

  3. awesomeeeeeeee >:3

  4. @hiddentracktv2 awesome song ­čÖé

  5. I like the part with the cat

  6. what

  7. The best part was when the cat did cat stuff!

  8. you’re VERY talented with your video edits

  9. HAH.
    ”Bitches..” -That was awesome. ­čśÇ

  10. I liked the part where the cat said what

  11. This is too awesome for words

  12. Haha, my brother showed me this. I love it. xD

  13. Tell me why i went to Knotts Halloween haunt singing this?? hahahaha

  14. this guy has pretty cats, i love them.

  15. This makes me laugh every time. I love this video…

  16. Practically every day since mid-May, my husband and I sing this to our two cats. It’s hilarious.

  17. My cat keeps rockin to this, she says thank you Mylo for awesome song

  18. Can I get an instrumental of this??

  19. y would they put cussing on it

  20. LOL

  21. lyrics plz

  22. 10 facts about you:

    1.You´╗┐ are reading this comment

    2.You are´╗┐ realizing´╗┐ this is a stupid fact

    4.You´╗┐ didn’t realize i skipped three 5.You are checking now

    6.Your smiling

    7.You´╗┐ are still reading my comment

    9.You´╗┐ didn’t realize i skipped eight

    10.Your checking again and smiling about how you´╗┐ fell for it´╗┐ again

    11.You’re enjoying this 12.You didn’t realize there are´╗┐ only supposed to be ten this to one video´╗┐ and´╗┐ tomorrow will´╗┐ be the best day ever

  23. Love the video! xD Dx… RaNdOm OMG The video made me hyper xD

  24. this so funny LMFAO LMFAO

  25. gettin a great ab work out from this video – suppressing belly laughs ain’t easy, but ppl be sleapin yo

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