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Impossible Not To Laugh – Just for Laughs

Can this video get 1000000 views?! SHARE this with everyone and spread the laughs! The best pranks in one video. Edited by Igor Simonov. I do not own the o…

25 thoughts on “Impossible Not To Laugh – Just for Laughs

  1. that must be the coolest city to be in where they do this…

  2. Lol so funny

  3. These ain’t your videos

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  5. r u russian?

  6. Would be funnier if they just let people walk into the glass or whatever it is.

  7. I did not laugh.

  8. I laughed at 2:40 and 7:23

  9. The prank at 7:50 was my favourite

  10. 0:26 Nicholas Cage with long hair!

  11. lol 2:42 shes getting fucked in the ass

  12. i lost at 2;30

  13. that isn’t actually that funny

  14. My husband would have loved the spider one, as he is terrified of them Lol!

  15. I see my bus 53!!

  16. 7:42 making full use of the prank situation to have some boobies hahaha…..

  17. I actually liked the last song….. LoL…..

  18. You think making money is a shame? LOL….

  19. I hope you realize that people would have to VIEW the video in order to see your comment…

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  21. awesome good……..

  22. 2:30…..”Mamaa”…

  23. Doesn’t matter to me if you want to earn money, I came just for having a cool time 😀 Don’t worry, dude xD

  24. The last one is my FAV!!..soo funny

  25. got 1 million view already der

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