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japanese pranks

asian prank day,

24 thoughts on “japanese pranks

  1. trueee but lets be more realistic

  2. the old man is the bad ass

  3. It does not matter what is “more common”, dumbass. This is still Japanese. There’s more than just “Chinese” people in Asia.

  4. try this in america and u get sued for some random ass rreason

  5. well done retard

  6. Funny,, the guy at 1:20 is checking to see if his wallet is still there .

  7. If I ever go to japan, I’m gonna bring a riot shield xD

  8. respect the old man hahahahahaha0.02

  9. whoa an actual Lench Mob

  10. he was probably blind lol

  11. The old man was WWII veteran not giving a fuck about as few as 100 men charging at him.

  12. Conformity

  13. Funny Asians are funny

  14. Mdr

  15. @ 1:05, i wonder what wouldve happenend if they tried that on Bruce Lee ??

  16. Lol!!! Very hilarious! If i was there and i would get me a trash can to hit them just in case they hit me.

  17. That was awesome

  18. In showing everyone xD

  19. Last one was hilarious OMG!

  20. funny

  21. GODZILLLA!!!!!!!!

  22. Hahahahahahaha Japanese come up with the best prank shows .. Lol last one was hilarious

  23. omg this is soo funnny 😀

  24. LMFAO I almost pissed myself at the godzilla part!

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