Inspired by Ed Sheeran and my mate Emma Hunter, I decided to twist up Crazy Old World, my new song, with a cheeky extra bit 😉 Lyrics There’s a lot of things I wish I’d known, when duty calls, Don’t always answer the phone. There’s a lot of things, I wish I’d said, Though most if it would go Straight over your head. Send him away we don’t like his sho0es. He’s far too young to be singing the blues. Line them all up, reject them in twos. Everyone just wants to be tomorrows good news. We’d poster you up, but we’re fresh out of pins Everyone’s just looking for that win If it’s in the name of profit lying isn’t a sin, Oh it’s a crazy old world that we live in. Oh it’s a crazy old world that we live in. Now don’t get mad on account of me On the count of three – I wanna see you on the tv. That’s what everybody says to me, But it’s hard for them to see, that this shit isn’t easy. Easy, peasy, just try and please me, The promoters say when they try to squeeze me, Between all the cheese and the aphrodisiacs, Will they give me the sack or a near heart attack? If I’m moving too fast, you’re gonna have to freeze me, Keep rooted to the spot hoping someone sees me. Sucker punch to the stomach feels like someone k need me, It’s gonna be a long time until someone frees me.