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Just For Laugh – Corpse in a carpet

You didn’t see anything, did you?

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – Corpse in a carpet

  1. i like the freeze frame at the end it shows 2 races having fun together 🙂 removing boundaries held by racial stereotypes

  2. what if that was a real body and what if a police officer was walking by? no body will be laughing then…lol

  3. what if that was a real body and what if a real police officer was walking by? no body will be laughing then…lol

  4. @Nuahtu
    Sounds like it was the first time you’ve ever seen something like it or like if it’s something unusual because of your comment x)
    Racial stereotypes is plain wrong but having anticipations is okay.
    But I do wonder why you believe they’re different ‘races’_

  5. why all white people think always about color black did this and asian did that they cant watch all they do is judging all people like all colored people are evils and all white people r angels. everyone has good and bad

  6. loool too funny

  7. @XxPouringRedRainxX you would understand what i mean if you lived around where i live :/

  8. @Nuahtu
    Hehe, I’m sorry 🙂
    I was just trying to act like a saint.
    I won’t say I haven’t been following racial stereotypes because I have. When I was younger there was alot of racism and fachism because of that people from the same country/skin color/religion grouped together and acted violently or unfriendly against those who were not ‘the same’. Altough, I left those racial stereotypes as time did go on and started pity those who grouped together because of their religion/country/skin color.

  9. kikiki black women tried to run away! XD

  10. @WarrenEdwardBuffet the real reason she ran away was that she stole the shoes… i could see her eyeing them up at 0:40

  11. lol I thought the black lady was going to take that guy sneakers.

  12. fuck this show has ben keeping me up all night!

  13. @XxPouringRedRainxX theres nothing to apologize about 🙂 its just that we had different perspectives ;; and yes the division of people through different races and stereotypes are a real thing in many areas and violence is majorly a resort to disputes… and its good to know that you left your racial stereotypes ;; something i have yet to do 🙂

  14. The black women wasnt sure whether thats the guy she killed last week or not, she tried to recognise the body at the beginning.

  15. @WarrenEdwardBuffet hahaha best comment

  16. @WarrenEdwardBuffet racist

  17. @applesugarful

    I’m black and I didn’t find his comment racist at all, to be honest.

  18. @SpongebobL0VER Well I do.

  19. The black women made my day

  20. @prankmakers95 who’s ben, you cheeky bastard? =P jks

  21. SUURE when THEY do it it’s all fun and games when “I” do it, it’s disorderly conduct

  22. 0:24 . Is that mario? (imagine mario’s clothes on him, they really fit!)

  23. is it really called “just for LAUGH”? lol

  24. @prankmakers95 me too

  25. If you like PRANKS you HAVE to see this one! This is the scariest prank EVER!: watch?v=MlUxpMitGmA

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