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Just For Laugh – Explosive shuttlecock attack

Badminton players who appear to be stronger than they thought!

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – Explosive shuttlecock attack

  1. @iamautuber Small amount of gun powder, and little rocks that spark when they hit together.

  2. @iamautuber its really just a reactive rock to friction.

  3. what do you call that explosives??

  4. HAHAHAH That guy at 1:17 at me in tears!

  5. Pop pop Cracker….
    I gonna do this to my bro…… 3:)

  6. Epic sport, epic people ;P

  7. i have play those little fire cracker thing or gunpowder when i was a kid… when you throw it to the floor it just make a light “peep” sound when something contact it, in this case it was the racket

  8. everyone’s like: WTF? 😀

  9. lol so funny and is so cute the guy

  10. He made it infront of them.. so fake.

  11. 0:22 wtf is bill gates doing there

  12. like everybody is looking at their racket after hearing that pop sound! lol!

  13. the last was funny!!!

  14. i met Mr Bean at 0:58!!!

  15. mga tanga!

  16. ta3

  17. for badminton players usually that sounds like broken strings

  18. @iamautuber yes but its mix with some type of stone(its a stone where u can start a fire with), i used to play it before. just take it and trow it on a hard surface.

  19. Wow that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Congratulations Europe

  20. @trymenow111 tanga ka din

  21. @TheLegendSky LOL!!!!

  22. @trymenow111 What language are you saying!!!!???

  23. stupid tennis players…

  24. @gammaray4evrr

    rofl, stupid players?? I think you’re the most idiotic person in the world.

    This is tennis??? Its fucking called badminton. Tennis…ROFL, what a fucking idiot.

  25. @441meatloaf
    obviously fucktard, but THEY are clearly not badminton players the way they play. Calm the fuck down, i think i would know since i play badminton competitively, so before you make DUMBASS comments think about what the person meant.

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