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Just For Laugh – Free popcorn

You want popcorn! Here’s some!

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – Free popcorn


  2. I would be eating everything that didn’t touch the ground.

  3. im surprised the black guy didn’t punch the popcorn

  4. @blindedby2monkeys HAHA NO!

  5. LOL that´s cool! 😀

  6. wow… wasted popcorn…

  7. everyone gets popcorn, but the black guy should’ve gotten popcorn chicken. 😀 kno what im talkin about bruv?

  8. i would like to be there for the free popcorn even if it falls in me xD

  9. so wasted ,

  10. now we know why there’s hunger in africa

  11. @ThemTheyHeShe Yeah. because their popcorn dispensers only give one popcorn >:(

  12. Oh Shit!!

  13. This is waste not funny at all

  14. mmm… now I want popcorn lol

  15. last guy ” oh shit”

  16. What a waste…wait…is that even popcorn?

  17. i dont like the idea ppl use food as toy, many other ppl in the worlds still are still starving and u guys doing this…. -_-“

  18. @AgentFarhan016 I think the value of making people smile far outweighs a few kernels of popcorn. Lighten up!

  19. @TheChipmunk100 nah its feces painted to look like popcorn

  20. i would be so happy if that happened it would make my day!

  21. why are these people always smiling? id be like bitch…

  22. Shouldn’t play wih food.

  23. @macbeasty why dont you shut the fuck up!

  24. what a waste of popcorn

  25. if i would of look up i see dat comin i would of open mymouth

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