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Just For Laugh – Heavy backpack

Asians are hard working people!

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – Heavy backpack

  1. These poor people think she’s really in trouble!

  2. so sweet of those who jumped in the water

  3. what the hell guy in yellow shirt was thinking ?


  5. LOL

  6. I hope none of those guys were carrying a cell phone

  7. yepp, I bet they’ll never do that again.. lol

  8. 1:02

    Guy thinks to self: *Hell yeh, I’m getting laid TONIGHT!*

  9. The old guy @ 0:58 showing kindness.. as the girl fells he he jumped quickly to save her. but I think he got heavy backpack too.. LOL

  10. The guy at @ 1:00 jumped in right away!

  11. wow that shows people are nice!!!!!!!!!!!! dont think just jump shes “drowning”!!!

  12. jea some of them had theyr iphone in the pockets.. muahaha

  13. This guys doesnot have mobile phones n there pocket?

  14. @SpicePrincezz911 MEN not people.

  15. @SpicePrincezz911 What about 1:02???

  16. @69ererable yup thats how ppl need to do it 🙂

  17. the yellow shirt guy is like “ok now shes dying lets see what happens”

  18. If no one saved her she would die… not really convent trick, beacuase the backpak is holding ur arms down unless u take it off before u fall….

  19. @Starioshka “MEN not people.” true! so true! 🙂

  20. @tubebility that was MEN, not people. more like that.

  21. at 0:34 he was like ” that why women shouldn’t leave the kitchen”

  22. no cellphone?

  23. I bet all those who jumped in the water got free new clothes otherways they wouldn’t be laughing at the end of the joke..

  24. some of those ppl semed like they would of just walked away

  25. I have often wondered if this show ever rewards it’s good semaritons after they completely fuck them over.

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