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Just For Laugh – Lost Money

Who is going catch that money bill first?

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – Lost Money

  1. hmm…my opinion is to get that money get into the tub and take it, finally that guy was taken who tried at first!

  2. lol the man who just looked at it till the end!!!!!

  3. Oh no! it’s a Humaning video for fish! (get it?)

  4. the first guy was just like… TO TAKE OR NOT TO TAKE? =)))

  5. looooooooooooooool

  6. @godofshadow XD

  7. rich guys wont even think to look 😀

  8. good wasnt me for sure i was goin with me head innnnnnn lmaoo

  9. lol the guy with long hair knew it was ap rank

  10. @afgmuscl3 hahah yeah that man with long hair he knew it seemed a prank but he still wanted the money and didnt wanna lost his opportunity. hahaha

  11. @Catooti

    Yah he knew it but he went for it anyways ahaha

  12. is that a gutter ?

  13. you guys should check out edbassmaster and jackvale

  14. At least we now what to use for bait when going for people fishing.

  15. thats the way fish are peopleing…

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  17. 10 people don’t get the 10 dollars. ^^

  18. i would have kept trying till i got the money

  19. would have been funnier if one of them fell in

  20. eddie guerreror is the last guy!

  21. haha i would dive in for it

  22. Crimen Sollcitationis

  23. ha..ha…

  24. This reminds me of a prank I pulled as a kid… I tied fishing line to a white purse and put it in the street at a stop sign and then hid in the bushes. When the driver got out of the car to pick it up I would pull on the line. 9 times out of 10 the person would run back to their car and speed off, the other 1 time out of 10 I would have to run off. lol

  25. @kumkumfree That’s true, but its 50 bucks, imagine the things you can buy with 50 bucks. But hey…sometimes we humans need to learn not to be too greedy!

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