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Just for laugh – Old man in love

a old man asks help people to take a photo, only to find out that he is proposing a guy and not a old lady beside.

25 thoughts on “Just for laugh – Old man in love

  1. So Funny. lol. I wish the videos where longer and included the reactiin of all the people. They should take out the audio and just use the comments made at the time. his show is hilarious.

  2. I am not able to read the mind of beard man at 0:52…Please help me.

  3. rofl at 0:43 loses the smile!

  4. lmaooo ..i cant stop crackinn up ..XD

  5. I think the guys were like. Hey that old guys got a better looking boyfriend than I do.

  6. am i the only one who thinks the jesus guy doesnt look gay? ._.

  7. I love how disturbed people looked

  8. first guy is sexy 😉

  9. We need more older people like him.

  10. this is the best prank i’ve ever seen
    i laughed like never before

  11. 0:36 there faces are not gay haha

  12. 0:52 GAYYY!

  13. lol its always the peoples reactions in these segments, i love it

  14. i like it :))

  15. Best ever!!!!

  16. is it in Toronto ?

  17. @sa8ra6 It’s in Montreal.

  18. Crimen Sollicitationis

  19. これは面白いわ(●^o^●)この発想はなかったわ

  20. is this scarborough town center

  21. 1:05 I bet theyre jelious. ;P

  22. O.O

  23. omg they really kiss ?

  24. The last lady’s friend does not look convinced that this was only a joke.

  25. i like jesus’s face expression @ 0:52

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