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Just For Laugh – The fall guy

That picture will be a good souvenir..

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – The fall guy

  1. bad acting.

  2. @jess0687x just real falling okay? fuck off plz

  3. i mis this programme

  4. i would’ve just kept his camera and go

  5. “Oh no, lets run and look at his smashed brain!”

  6. koran=words of mohamad.

  7. BAD BAD BAD…… they are laughing, extremely abnormal reaction, they know it’s acting

  8. is a normal reaction from normal people… and this is a good prank

  9. id loved to have seen him fall at the wrong spot.. AHHHHHHHHH! OH SHIT!

  10. Surely they’d hear him land on the mat?

  11. there not that high up

  12. @helziangel thats what i thought

  13. some of them were like(ummmm… ok)

  14. the acting was bad, so the people thought the guy was just being stupid.

  15. Best

  16. @teachtruth2U Quran u retard and its the words of god not mohamed hes only a messenger

  17. @jess0687x ya thats why they go check if the man is alright!!!

  18. well they laugh first because it is funny if someone climbed up there and fall by accident lol. same thing happens when someone gets hit in the face or trips and fall down stairs or something. everyones initial reaction is lol pwnd. then they are like omg he could be hurt. The way he falls is funny as heck. only the backwards fall looked fake.

  19. 1st guy is the best!


  21. -excuse me?
    -can you take a picture of me on that wall?
    -nahh its ok, what could happen.

    –alright then

  22. Aaaaaaaa….

  23. If that happended to me I would run and help him! They just stand there like… Wow… He falled. Sorta funny though…

  24. Lol, my grammar is poor! Mention to say fell!

  25. why didnt they run to see if hes okay?

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