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Just For Laugh – The jigg police

Those policeman really have all the power!

25 thoughts on “Just For Laugh – The jigg police

  1. @charismapowerdotcom sure buddy sure…

  2. @johndoe9001 Her number is: 968 43468.Good luck!

  3. I’m surprised people don’t eventually recognize the actors. I know if I came across them, I’d recognize them right away. I guess that’s ’cause I’m addicted to the series.

  4. Awsome

  5. Really funny

  6. what is the name of the background music? it is a classical music but i can’t remember its name.

  7. @ashkibala1 i think its ‘carmen’

  8. @helgans111 well you can think whatever you want about me it doesn’t really matter, it’s your opinion of the people who keep you safe that makes me unsettled. (yes i realize this conversation is old i just found this post in my inbox)

  9. i would rape that two grls

  10. @usukker

    I’d take them both, if you assk me 😀

  11. i enjoy this show. but this is the second laptop i will soon crush on the floor because of the fucking buffering buffering fucking buffering.

  12. @MultiSharmuta get a fucking internet dude

  13. @falhung WE R animals

  14. funnny shitt

  15. If you’re not over weight, they say any place you can fit your head through YOU WILL GET your whole body through also.

  16. what if someone stole the car lol

  17. まーたチンコの話かよ

  18. @Baieke Do one decent thing before you die. Kill yourself.

  19. Crimen Sollicitationis

  20. @falhung U and me baby aint nothin but mammals so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel!!!

  21. id just keep driving

  22. @falhung Welcome to the internet you fucking idiot

  23. Oh, and women are so saint that they don’t think about sex…
    Bah, don’t come with that crap, girls think about sex as much as boys.

  24. Why is the audience laughing at every single thing? its not that funny you bastards!

  25. no one else notices the number on the toilet door???

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