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Just for Laughs – 05 Girl shows Butt ( HQ )

25 thoughts on “Just for Laughs – 05 Girl shows Butt ( HQ )

  1. they care so much about the kitten.

  2. why that guy smack her butt?

  3. nice legs

  4. @ShizukaMiharu Cause he straight.

  5. インポになっても気にすんな!!

  6. 1st clip if i were in first prank i wud have ran away withe the cam..
    in 2nd clip : this happens in india for real usually at government offices..
    3rd clip the guy caught the
    4th clip : it wud have been funny if they had put a real crocodile

  7. 1st Clip : Shoots! Not even funny :l
    2nd Clip : Ha-ha-ha… not funny too -.-”
    3rd Clip : Seem all of them caught the cam?!
    4th Clip : LOL!

  8. @ShizukaMiharu if it was a black guy, he’d be in jail for sexual assault.

  9. freaking idiotic. 🙁

  10. Omg he slapped her butt and it got smushed. O_O

  11. asian dude takin a pic of her fake ass ey?

  12. The guy on the front desk is look like “GENE WILDER”. I like him.

  13. lol its a diaper.

  14. very idot


  16. werid……..

  17. Lolololol

  18. Does anybody know what country that it?

  19. wierdo

  20. esa mujer es una vergüenza!!!!!!!

  21. @QaptainQlaw – Its Canada!

  22. LOL The woman at 1:29 is like “Godd… Damn itt… Not againnnn… Fuck this shit.”

  23. woman looks more like a gay,,, really so hillarious,,,,people look for farting pranks too its awesome,,,heheheh :DDD

  24. @prokani Get off it, the only embarrasement is comments like yours.

  25. poooor :/

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