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Just For Laughs #13

This Policeman Could Have Been A kicker For The CFL’s Montreal Alouettes.

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs #13

  1. @Loveblessing1 your a idiot the shows in french lmao caught lying

  2. @glenrob123 If your gonna be rude then make sense.

  3. LOL! hahahahha

  4. *claps and cheers* wohoooo the greastest i love it, awesome rofl

  5. @jeydee35 lmfao


  7. @ColightStar yeah that was really funny smilling at first then i quickly fades, lol

  8. too bad if someone thought :this crule dude is crazy and tried to speed off, killing the real dog placed in front of the car…

  9. @evita565 that’s what I thought! I could kill a cop if he was really doing such a thing right in front of me.

  10. @misspiaco good!good girl!!!!!!

  11. @Cliquerules hardly, without their driver’s license card, I’ll doubt their leave it with a crasy police officer! lol! Though it could happen. lol.


  13. @Cliquerules SO FUCKING WHAT!? it’s just a gay little dog

  14. @carlmartinwalter SFW

  15. that equals 30 heart attacks

  16. @aaronm222 so basically you copied the highest rated comment

  17. 0:53. If looks could kill xD

  18. @nscurler
    No shit, Sherlock!

  19. this is fake dog and i saw real dog hold it lol

  20. @Loveblessing1 haha failing to lie

  21. bore

  22. Crimen Sollicitationis

  23. nice man who got out of the car 😀

  24. 1:02-1:15 I love how his smile drops in disbelief. XD

  25. One of the very tops. This pranker is probably my favorite, too bad he isn’t in many pranks. As for the dog, is extremely cute.

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