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Just for Laughs-Asia

just for laughs in asia, funny video enjoy

16 thoughts on “Just for Laughs-Asia

  1. kawaiiiii

  2. lol

  3. I laughed my fucking ass off!! AH hahah

  4. Singaporean got the best humor! Greetings from Taiwan

  5. the girl w/ a eye glasses is cute.!.

  6. @miketrunks
    she’s so very cute…

  7. yeah she’s so cute!

  8. who’s that girl i see. Staring straight back at me

  9. what country is this bro

  10. @jg26phi signapore

  11. WHYY would u run away after seeing that?! ..stupid ass lady

  12. Stupid bitch ran for her life

  13. is this on the Disney Channel ?

  14. where to watch other episode ?

  15. Crimen Sollcitationis

  16. the girl with eye glasses is so cute.

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