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Just for Laughs Cyclist Loses Kid Gag

Just for Laughs Cyclist Loses Kid Gag

24 thoughts on “Just for Laughs Cyclist Loses Kid Gag

  1. All reason leaves when the prospect of a baby being injured is on the line

  2. Best one lol

  3. allahourg0d
    لم اعرف الطريق اليك لكي ا رد لاكن اتمني ياصلك انا سعودية متربية ولا استطيع ان ارد عليك كما قلت لي لاكن الله والشهيد معمر ماتفرحو بليبيا يالخونة الجرذان المقملين الخوانةانتم جبتو للعظمي الهميالليبيين الاحرار اسحقو الجرذان راهم جابو الاستعمار

  4. thats not funny

  5. @ibbk14, why only black or u believe the first nice black guy.

  6. Why?

  7. It would have been funnier if the baby some how fell in the lake.

  8. actually i like his act so nice…..sorry i can’t speak english well 🙁

  9. black people always have the best reaction hahahahaha

  10. Aw everyone is so nice!
    My heart kinda sank every time we saw the “fake” kid fall though.

  11. hahaha gtfo

  12. I wonder how they come up with these kind of pranks.

  13. Press 7 BAAAHAHAHA..!!!

  14. Australia ?

  15. It’s funny but also make me a bit emotional…Don’t know why…

  16. omg everyone of these videos is an lol

  17. no, Canada

  18. aww man this is sad to watch!!

  19. 1:05 “oh shit”..ahahahahah

  20. The best is watching how many people mouthed “Oh shit!” when the baby fell!

  21. plz dont make fun like this… ur kids will be cheap but not ours

  22. nutt fannie! Mae

  23. hehehheheeheh hahahahhahahahahha i like it

  24. this is not funny

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