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Just For Laughs – Danny Bhoy Jokes This jokes is very funny!!! Danny Bhoy talks about his experience when he spend the night at hotel and motel

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs – Danny Bhoy Jokes

  1. love this man, but is his fly open???

  2. @domcurran2003 No, it’s a button-fly, it looks open but isn’t.. Interesting thought though, never noticed it before 😉

  3. My fuckin face hurts!!! and im crying AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!FUCK!

  4. 1:28 is his fly open?

  5. its funny to see comedians laugh but boy does he laugh ALOT and it starts to get irritating…!he’s quiet funny though.

  6. … his fly is open lawl

  7. LMAO gekko!:D

  8. @TheDrummerboi94 and that is why he is brilliant 🙂

  9. hot hot hotttttt

  10. im from australia and thats exactly how the bogans here talk!!

  11. @sckp1993 Especially when Danny does it, he’s got a really funny giggle lol

  12. Looks to me like you’re flying low there Danny

  13. There appears to be a small dinosaur in my room. Lmfao

  14. this is really funny but i saw somthing, well heard somthing, he said that the canaidian roomkeeps or whatever tuck the sheets so tight and then when hes talking about the gecko in AUSTRALIA hes saying the sheets are so tight, so basicly what im saying is the joke might be fake. thats all but still very funny..

  15. @fisherguy36 A lot of ..comedians dont tell the truth.. they make lots of stuff up to make others laugh..

  16. His zipper is open… 😉

  17. funny guy sounds like Mrs. Doubtfire

  18. A plastic hair dryer unit in the bathroom on one wall, has the impact of an elderly relative breathing on your head errrrrr errrrrr errrr Obviously what I’m looking for is hot and wet

  19. @fisherguy36

    In my experience all roomkeeps tuck the sheets in ridiculously tight. So the joke is transferable.

  20. bloody gekko

  21. 1:38 is his zipper undone O_O

  22. Press 9 – MEXICAN WAVE 😀

  23. love this guy. He’s the best on the circuit and I wish he’d come to the USA. We need GOOD story tellers!
    Reminds me of Billy Connolly and not cuz of the accent.

  24. Love him and I’m a Scot who calls Australia home!

  25. love his accents:’)!

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