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Just For Laughs – Dead Sneezing Llama Prank

Weird man at the mall shows off his disgusting dead animals at a taxidermy stall. Along with a stuffed fox, moose, and deer, there’s a crazy llama head that …

23 thoughts on “Just For Laughs – Dead Sneezing Llama Prank

  1. Oh shit they should have watched the LAAMA AGILITY DVD first! Suomalaiset nyt yläpeukkuu! :D

  2. well some advice for travelling to canada , recognize all the pranksters and u can prank them !!

  3. grose

  4. it’s GROSS! 🙂

  5. The lady at 0:29 was pranked from before! I’m sure but I can’t find the video! please tell me if you do!

  6. so stupid!

  7. lol @ 1:02,, I bet u wud

  8. Nope! Chuck Testa.

  9. 0:18 AHH

  10. 1:07 *Sees camera*
    1:08 Ouch, my tooth!

  11. Youtube cant count! 1:06… 1:07…1:08….1:10!

  12. You probably thought that llama just sneezed. Nope. Chuck Testa.

  13. *insert chuck testa joke* :D

  14. Hahahahahahaha

  15. JJAJAJAJA ohh god this have me laughing lol

  16. That’s a creepy looking fox in the background!

  17. And you don’t know what’s punctuation.

  18. 0:10 why does it look like he’s pushing the little old lady though?

  19. 0:43 really?

  20. so dumb

  21. 0:31 She was in the glass pyramid prank!! /watch?v=yorzhWgcODo at 0:24

  22. amazingment drôle

  23. Nice catch! I’ve also noticed a chinese looking mid-age guy being in two pranks (one where the kid shows his genitals and the other where people are on top of each other). I think some people on purpose try to end up in these pranks, and that they prank in the same places so often, so chances are within 2700 pranks there’s some who have been pranked not just once.

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