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Just For Laughs Gags Double Vision

Just For Laughs Gags Double Vision

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs Gags Double Vision

  1. @Javierjahve lol thats a boy men… wait a minute a girl or a boy?? LOLXD

  2. women make it all very beautiful with there innocence

  3. Barry Allen’s job lol

  4. lmao girl at 1:07 starts biting her lips thinking…hmm wonder if hes that fast in bed..

  5. The girl who looked at the measurement she is smart.

  6. this is awesome

  7. if i was hungover id stand there and cry like aww man i went to far this time

  8. the lady at 0:57 looks at him like “thats hot i wonder how fast u r in bed” hahaha

  9. the lady at 1:10 looks at him like “thats hot i wonder how fast u r in bed” hahaha

  10. LOL that asian girl was like “the math isn’t right…..”

  11. k i have watched tons of these things and this is by far the funniest…lol i have laughed till im crying….the asian chick is hilarious!!!!!!!

  12. why that last girl have no hair is she a monk

  13. @MSwinHowto She could have had cancer. Some women also think it’s stylish for some reason.

  14. @TheMrLycurgus 🙂 got it

  15. @hzmtk22 A gorgeous face?????

  16. @1.12 the lady is checking him out…LOL!

  17. 欲しがろうぜ☆

  18. @hzmtk22 AGREED

  19. @joe700700 I SAW THAT TOO LOL

  20. XD there like dam this guy is fast

  21. @MSwinHowto maybe she got cancer or other sickness.. how can you say that

  22. Funny how the Asian girls the only one that looks at the actual amount of meters/ yards measured 😀

  23. mental hospital

  24. @Kalas286

    She probably mentally calculated the exact amount of time it would take to circle the building given the data she had stored once he reappeared so quickly, and was quite confused by the conundrum, so she began mentally eliminating all possible variables while maintaining a “confused” face to throw off possible ninjas/assassins in the premises.

    Damn Asians. Make the rest of us look bad.

  25. lol, original.

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