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Just For Laughs Gags Free Ice Cream

Just For Laughs Gags Free Ice Cream

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs Gags Free Ice Cream

  1. now that was mean

  2. Was she trying to pour dish detergent on the last guy’s ice cream?

  3. Everyone, I need some help!! I cant find this one Just For Laughs gags prank.

    I saw it once a while ago, and I would like to see it again but I cant find it!!

    Its uhh…where this guy is carrying a fake child (wearing a red hoody)

    and the guy (has headphones on) accidently makes his “child” bump his head on a post or something twice. anyone know the name for the video?

  4. That’s funny

  5. i would have eatin it i love margarine

  6. she is cute im cross my hart with her

  7. thats so mean!!!!! they cant do that to old people!

  8. LOL

  9. Pwahahaha! i farted..

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  11. i can actually taste margarine while watching this.

  12. @heliotropei Poisoning margarine icecream ftw? I thought it was already poisoned… >.>

  13. 0:51 she is talking to her ice cream

  14. @maskedgunman Because you would kill those old ladies

  15. That old woman’s STILL EATING IT!!!

  16. She’s so sweet, everything tastes sweet with her in my sight.

  17. Crimen Sollicitationis

  18. 結局チンポじゃねーかよ

  19. she keeps eatuing it xD

  20. I wonder what kind of icecream are they eating..

  21. what does it taste like?

  22. its ice cumream 😛

  23. EEEWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

  24. she is so beautiful

  25. i would have spat it on her face ….!! if she had given me dat !!!

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