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Just for Laughs Gags – It Slices It Dices

Just for Laughs Gags – It Slices It Dices

20 thoughts on “Just for Laughs Gags – It Slices It Dices

  1. yea, he got me when he did it the 1st time lol

  2. very

  3. ebony lady has nice tits!!!

  4. hahaha very funny

  5. lol

  6. hahahahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…my very fav Just For Laugh Gags, after 7 years i`m seeing this!

  7. u could tell it was kinder fake cause no blood

  8. @100starcake Nice one mr einstein! It’s a fucking prank show you dickhead

  9. @AQHackAQ i know its a prank im saying if that realy happend there would be blood dur?

  10. @100starcake oh sorry, I wonder if he had any hands

  11. HAHAHA,they are all shocked!

  12. wahahahahaha

  13. 0:57 LOOK AT THOSE BOOBS!!!:D

  14. @davengianan you are pervert like me:P

  15. @davengianan I would fuck her so hard that she would change skin colour xD

  16. ouch!

  17. @LinkinPark198902 tsk tsk tsk bad boy


  19. LMAO HAHAHA Follow me on twitter: TheRealMoToure

  20. haha

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