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Just For Laughs Gags – Jesus Compilation

All rights belong to Just For Laughs Gags, make sure to check out their channel for more!

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs Gags – Jesus Compilation

  1. so this was how jesus did it back in the day

  2. @Cireleo1 – hei, becareful on how your typed your comment on this video. Peace.

  3. Anyone know the hymn?

  4. @fishrcoolturtles2

    pffffff!!!! bla bla bla.

  5. This video just proves how gullible christians are…hilarious though haha

  6. 10 facts abut you:
    1. You are reading this comment
    2.You are realizing that is a stupid fact didn’t notice I skipped three.5 You’re checking now
    6. You’re smiling
    7.You are still reading my comment
    9 You didn’t realize I skipped eight
    10. You’re checking again and smiling about how you fell for it again.
    11. You are enjoying this 12. You didnt realize there are only supposed to be ten facts. post this to one video and tomorrow will be the best day ever

  7. why do i see a big black boob in my suggestions bar to the right

  8. lol nice vid

  9. Bravo !!

  10. amen XD

  11. jesus doesnt look like that and this prank is not funny

  12. fat jesus is back 😀 😀

  13. Thanks for the comments everyone, remember to check JustForLaughtsTV channel!

  14. You can imagine what real JESUS can do if the fake jesus can do all this stuff.
    I love my Jesus!


  16. Very cool ! Jesus is also laughing…

  17. lol the ppl of JFLTV are so creative

  18. I like how Jesus is wearing a cross necklace LOL

  19. omg! i lol’ed watching the lady at 8:48… 😀

  20. the last part hilarious

  21. @SydneyStreetsTV wow….

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  23. 0:45.. Oh..Jesus

  24. OMG! I can’t stop laughing. 😀

  25. lol is very cool…

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