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Just for laughs gags – Light As Feather Hidden camera the British way. Not just any other comedy program. Unlike many others, this group of English comedians do the most outrageous acts. But as a viewer, you are just meant to have a good time.

25 thoughts on “Just for laughs gags – Light As Feather

  1. it made me laugh so hard!!

  2. lol

  3. Lol the other people watching 🙂

  4. This is one of the best gags.

  5. awesome!!!

  6. how can he not laugh when they turn back and look at him

  7. i wonder what the people on the bus at 0:45 were thinking

  8. not bad

  9. funny

  10. LOL, I love how the smoker at 0:45 laughs his ass off!

  11. lmao guy with camera looked back all crazy.

  12. the people are going paranoid! lol

  13. the lady @ 0:27 almost has a seizure

  14. love it!!

  15. Only the last lady is a real victim

  16. hahahahaha

  17. 0:58 DA FUCK IS THIS?

  18. hahaha i love the guy in the background’s reaction at 0:44

  19. Lmao everybody is looking at him, from busses, parks, everybody !

  20. TROLL x)

  21. he is pro

  22. the music with it is s o funny.

  23. @Freddie9384 not true considering wwe or what ever that crap is, is faker then your life.

  24. i’m surprised that no one hit him! lol

  25. LOL, I would know how the actors don’t laugh!

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