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Just For Laughs: Gags – Season 9 – Episode 12 | Subscribe! Hey folks it’s that time of the week again, the time where you start crying tears of joy becau…

25 thoughts on “Just For Laughs: Gags – Season 9 – Episode 12

  1. I thought one would drop whatever is in his hands when got shot in his feet.

  2. #€£¥

  3. i agree with u i would marry him xD

  4. 4.20 just for fun you breaking all the eggs..bastards

  5. con un ganchito

  6. Magnetic powah!

  7. 10:06 Cute and handsome

  8. cops …thats why some of them are called pigs

  9. i didnt like the egg prank, they should find something less wasteful to do…

  10. good person you are.

  11. Dude in Jamaican Themed T-Shirt, awesome shirt.

  12. Agree

  13. Lol

  14. That is so epic the way that girl looks when she gives it full power just before impact! LOL!!!

  15. Бля, обожаю это шоу)

  16. Who wants to live forever ? REPENT – BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST – LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST and you will live forever !

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  18. in here (Canada) we call them pigs.. so yeh

  19. Granny: Say hello to my lil’ friend!!!


  21. Exactly, there are people starving in other parts of the world.

  22. I like it when pigs are being used for something other than Killing

  23. Big boobs

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  25. that’s Canada for you

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